St. Joseph Hospital of Orange Hybrid OR

 HDC was commissioned to be the design-builder to construct the nation’s first true Hybrid Operating Room for the treatment of heart and vascular disorders in adult and pediatric patients at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange. The new Hybrid Operating Room features Artis Zeego, the first multi-axis imaging system that uses robotic technology and 3-D imaging software to reconstruct high-resolution images of the heart and vascular system.

St. Joseph Hospital’s Hybrid Operating Room is a fully equipped surgical suite designed to handle the most complex adult and pediatric open heart surgeries, as well as minimally invasive procedures. What sets the Hybrid Operating Room apart from traditional operating rooms is Zeego, a multi-axis, robotic, high- resolution, 3-D imaging system that allows surgeons to open blocked arteries through catheter-based procedures, rather than open procedures.  Since the Hybrid Operating Room is a fully equipped surgical suite, surgeons can immediately convert from minimally invasive to open bypass surgery if needed, without relocating the patient or referring the case to a new surgical team. HDC completed the project on time and within the budget.

Orange, California

19six Architects

2,750 sq. ft.

Planning & Design/Build Services